The Top 4 Foods That Your Dogs Should Never Eat

On the contrary to what a lot of people think, dogs can’t just eat anything. Like people, there are also some foods that dogs should never eat. Why? A lot of problems can occur with their health if we will just let them eat such things. Check out the foods that you should never feed you dogs to keep them healthy at all times.

1. Chocolates

It is one of the foods that we all know dogs should never eat. If you want to make sure that your dogs are always in good health, better let them stay away from chocolates. It contains methylxanthines that can cause a lot of health problems. Your dog can suffer from diarrhea, seizure and if it eats too much, it can be fatal.

2. Raisins and Grapes

Fruits are proven beneficial to dogs, but there is still an exemption. You cannot let them eat grapes and raisins. There is a component present in these two than cause kidney problems to your dogs.

3. Onions

If you let the dogs eat onions, you are putting them at risk of damaging the red blood cells in their bodies. Even dogs need enough red blood cells to maintain their health. The onion has a component that can attack the red blood cells of canines.

4. Avocado

Whether it is the fruit or the leaves, it should not be fed to dogs. It has a toxic ingredient called persin which has harmful side effects among canines. They can suffer from stomach cramps, and there is a possibility that they will have a problem breathing like people who are suffering from allergy attacks.

Some pet owners love their dogs too much. Sometimes up to the point that they give them all the food they can eat. We just have to be careful because some foods can cause more harm than good leaving them not feeling good or worse may die.

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